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9.30am: Introduction

Adam Leyland, Editor in Chief, The Grocer

9.40am: What exactly does the government have planned for HFSS foods?

This introductory overview will set the scene for the conference as a whole.

  • What does the new HFSS legislation involve?
  • When will the new legislation be introduced?
  • What are the implications for retailers and brand owners?
  • And what sort of strategies will they need to make to minimise disruption and maximise opportunities?

Amy Glass, UK Diet and Health Policy Manager, FDF

10.00am: The big shelf shake-up: what does the HFSS ban mean for supermarket ranges?

  • How ready are the supermarkets for the HFSS ban? What will they do?
  • How likely is it that strategies will be different?
  • And what further role will the current shareholder action on HFSS make to their thinking on ranges?

Jaime Silvester, UK Head of Retail, IRI

Ignacio Vazquez, Food and Health Programme Senior Manager, ShareAction
Andrea Martinez Inchausti, Deputy Director Food, BRC
Simon Marsden, Founder, Transform Retail Consulting

10.35am: How could in-store promotions and shopper marketing evolve?

Instore promotions for HFSS products will be banned under the proposed regulation. That includes end of aisle positioning, guilt lanes, and any kind of volume-based discount. But there do remain some options for brands.

  • What are they? How can brands make the best use of them?
  • How might we see promotions evolve in store as a result of the changes? 
  • The future of shopper marketing, the options left for marketeers (including online), and what changes are likely in stores

Kai Virtanen, Vice President, Behaviorally



11.15am: How can convenience stores navigate new HFSS rules?

  • What role will convenience stores play in the war on HFSS?
  • What exactly are the rules?
  • What can they/can’t they do?
  • How can they balance the opportunities for their exemption with the need to be compliant with the spirit of the regulation?

James Lowman, CEO, ACS
Flora Zwolinksi, Senior Insights Manager, Lumina Intelligence
Ian Taylor, Retail Director, Spar UK
Derek Baker, Category Impulse Lead , KP Snacks

11.45am: Case Study: How is Coca-Cola approaching the ban?

The world’s biggest brand will outline its approach to regulation, including regulation, reformulation, rationalisation, marketing, promotion and online.

Oliver Crick, GB Category Development Director, CCEP

12.05pm: What’s the future of HFSS advertising for brands?

  • How exactly could the advertising ban change the landscape of food and drink advertising?
  • Which channels stand to be the most affected?
  • What options are open to advertisers?

Lynne Deason, Head of Creative Excellence, Kantar

Mark Dodds, Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, FDA Group
Stephen Woodford, Chief Executive, Advertising Association
Ian Maskell, VP Global Marketing Ice Cream, Unilever

12.40pm Policing the promotions ban: how will the new regulations be enforced?

  • The promotions ban looks hugely complicated. How will this be policed and by whom?
  • How challenging will it be?

In this session Trading Standards will outline how the promotions ban is likely to be monitored.

David Pickering, Lead Officer Chartered, Trading Standards



Breakout Sessions

Guests are invited to join one of the two following sessions:

2.00pm: What will the HFSS ban mean for NPD?

  • Reformulation is notoriously hard in food and drink. Where has the most progress been made?
  • Where is there the biggest scope for reformulation in the future? And how long will it all take?

Anthony Fletcher, CEO, Urban Legend

Jenny Arthur, Head of Membership and Nutrition, Leatherhead Food Research
Chris Holmes, Founder & CEO, SMASH
Sarah Smart, General Manager, The Collective UK
Adrian Short, CEO, Ulrick & Short

2.00pm: How can brands and retailers still build organic reach on social media?

Sponsored content posts will be banned but brands and retailers can still use their own websites and social media channels, so long as the content is organic.

  • How can you develop great content?
  • What role can search make?
  • How can you boost your organic online presence?
  • Who’s doing this particularly well already?

Tamara Littleton, CEO & Founder, The Social Element

Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director, Little Moons
Neil Brenson, Retail & Consumer Director, JellyBean Creative
Joe Saw, Director of Operations, Fanbytes
Cody McKim, CPG Vertical Lead, TikTok

2.40pm: How will retailers ensure they are compliant? And what role will store managers play?

Ultimate responsibility for classifying products they sell as HFSS or not will lie with retailers. Yet branded suppliers are currently very reluctant in some cases to share the nutritional composition of their products as a source of competitive advantage, which puts retailers in a difficult place.

  • How will they work together?
  • How will this info be shared?
  • And where does this leave store managers in terms of creative theatre and merchandising?
Chris Tyas OBE, Chairperson, GS1 UK in a Q&A with Adam Leyland

3.00pm: Will HFSS clampdown really tackle the obesity crisis?

  • Where does the new legislation fit into the government’s wider health agenda?
  • The HFSS clampdown is unprecedented and unproven. Given the exemptions for OOH and convenience, how effective is it expected to be in tackling obesity?
  • What else should retailers and manufacturers expect?
  • What does the new legislation mean for voluntary programmes for example?
  • What other legislation and initiatives are in the pipeline?
  • What should be the response of retailers and manufacturers to the new agenda?

Ben Morrison, Retail Services Director UK & Ireland, NielsenIQ

Anna Taylor, Executive Director, Food Foundation
Matthew Towner, Portfolio Manager, Childhood Obesity, Impact on Urban Health
Susan Jebb, Professor of Diet and Population Health, University of Oxford



3.55pm: What difference could the HFSS ban make to consumption habits and shopper behaviour?

  • How can in-store change nudge consumers towards healthier choices?
  • What practical changes could the new regulations make to how consumers shop and select brands?
  • Will brand loyalty be eroded by the lack of advertising and promotion opportunities?

Cathy Capelin, Head of Health and Sustainable Consumption, IGD

Wai-Chan Chan, Managing Director, Consumer Goods Forum
Sarah Hollinshead, Head of Content, Attest
Alex Rowberry, Consumer, Insight Director, Kantar Worldpanel
Sarah Atkins, CMO and Membership Director, GS1 UK

4.30pm: Which products, brands and categories can benefit from the HFSS clampdown and how?

While the future looks challenging for certain products and categories, there are opportunities too. In this session, we look at how brands big and small are tackling the challenge and the approach they plan to take.

Callum Keaveny, Sales Director, Perfetti Van Melle
Alex Smith, Commercial Director, Young Foodies
Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, Founder/ Chief Whisk, Mallow & Marsh
Ali Adams, Sales & Category Director, WARP Snacks

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